SCG International Internship Program Year 3

SCG (The Siam Cement Group) is one of the biggest companies in Thailand. The company has a 3-business area which consists of cement-building material, chemicals, and packaging. As a part of celebrating 100-years of its establishing, since 2013, The company have been offering a one-month internship program to students in Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, The Philippines and Vietnam. The program aims to give participants real work experience and training opportunities at SCG.

The grantees of the program will receive the following benefits:

  1. Round trip ticket to Bangkok, Thailand (Including domestic transportation based on the location of University of each participant)
  2. Accommodations
  3. 500 Baht allowance/day
  4. Special training program
  5. Participation in SCG’s CSR Activities
  6. Sightseeing tour of Thailand
  7. Certificate of completion


  • Be a citizen of Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines or Vietnam
  • Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree (For Cambodian, Indonesian, Myanmar, Filipino, and Vietnamese)
  • Pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (For Myanmar only)

For Indonesian, Vietnamese, Myanmar, The Philippines, and Cambodians,

a) Engineering: Mining, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Automation and Control, Chemical, Industrial, or Environmental Engineering)

b) Business: Business Administration, Finance, or Marketing

For Indonesian, Vietnamese, Myanmar (only), 

c) Social Science: Psychology, Political Science, Social Studies, or Economics

d) Law

  • Applicants must have completed the 2nd year of their study (for Bachelor’s degree).
  • Have a good command of the English language
  • Be energetic and willing to learn

Date: June 15th-July 14th (for Indonesian, Vietnamese, Myanmar, and Filipino nationals) or August 9th September 8th, 2015 ( For Filipino and Cambodian nationals)

Information of Internship :

I found this internship from their facebook page. Starting by liking the page. There is also information on the university’s career center. But if you want to up-to-date information, I encourage you to visit their facebook page.

Selection process :

The first stage of the selection process is based on essay-assignment. Your essays must be your original work, don’t copy from the website or plagiarize, otherwise you will be blacklisted from future SCG programs. The topic of the essays are :

a. SCG’s business philosophy has 4 core values (1.Adherence to fairness 2.Dedication to excellence 3.Believe in the value of the individuals 4.Concern for social responsibility). In your opinion, which of the four do you think is the most important value in conducting business? Why? You can learn more about SCG’s business philosophy at ( 400-600 words)

b. Explain a situation where you had to face difficulties or challenges and how you managed to solve it. 

When you want to write an essay, start by reading the company profile and learn about its business philosophy then studying about the trend of the most recent or futuristic business in this modern world. The important thing is that you can elaborate and explain your critical thinking, how to attract people and make them want to read your essay. Check it often and make sure that your essay is well-written.

I wrote the second essay by using the S-A-R format. Which stands for Situation, Action, Result and mentioning the key-point of learning based on your experience. And again check the grammar. The second essay come up with a different topic each year

The essay assignment was really competitive because of the huge number of participants across 5 of ASEAN Countries. This year, The participants were almost two thousand. So, make sure you have your own unique thinking and dare to be different!


Once you were chosen as the shortlisted candidate, it meant that you already pass the selective essay assignment. Then they will invite you to the next selection process, interview. In this interview, prepare your resume. Again, CV is different than the resume, please find and google it. My interview was held in Jakarta. if you came from far and couldn’t attend the interview, they provided a skype interview. So, don’t worry.

When I was in the interview process, The question was about your self, 5-year plan, and resume and of course, it depended on the interviewers. Something unexpected question happened. I was also asked about some technical questions. Just be brave, confident, relax and speak it louder. The important thing is that you can tell them the story. So, they look for candidates who have good at communication. My conversation with the interview was around 30 minutes. Another story, there was a person who had been interviewed in 5 minutes. So, that meant they were not interested in you. Make a good impression and of course an impressive resume.

They will notify the selected interns by email and through their facebook page. When I observed more, mostly the grantee of this internship was not only good in academics (first honor) but also active in the organization, having honorable awards, and good at interpersonal, so be prepared to improve yourself day-by-day. Because the internship is fully-funded and moreover you get paid, so do your best. Because nothing worth comes easy :).

After I’ve got selected, I was not only having one-month of internship but also a lot of unforgettable memoirs and invitation to attend several activities in Indonesia once the one-month internship program was over.

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